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Cybersecurity Roundtable: Building Cyber Resiliency in a Threat Dominated World

The current state of cyber threats has organizations across all industries feeling uneasy about what a successful breach could mean for the bottom line.

While many aspects of cybersecurity feels out of our control, to stay ahead of attackers we can rely on one thing: collectively learning from each other’s wins and failures.

Bringing together Security and Compliance experts, the group will share their perspective on the complex threat landscape and discuss the proven strategies that keep their organizations secure.

Webinar Details:

  • Wednesday, October 27
  • 11A - 12PM ET
  • Register to receive the recording and slide deck.

Register for an insightful discussion covering:

  • Strategies for staying ahead of and stopping cyberattacks
  • Building a blended team that balances internal and outsourced resources
  • Where to prioritize time and budget to reduce the greatest risk
  • Future trends and attack methods to proactively plan for


Michael Montagliano, ProArch Chief of Innovation, moderates a discussion with IT and Security leaders who will be giving actionable advice on how to build cyber resiliency.